Being one of the first daycare service providers in the Whitefield area we had the good fortune to service some prestigious corporates such as HP, TCS and Technicolor.

Our corporate service portfolio extends to:
  • Providing daycare services for HP (Mahadevpura) between 2009-2011 by setting up a centre close to the office premises.
  • Providing daycare services for TCS employees since 2009.
  • Setup a mobile creche facility at the Kanteerva stadium (Bangalore) during the TCS marathon of 2011. The TCS employees who were participating in the marathon could drop off their children at our booth.
  • Conducted a “Bring my child to work” day for Technicolor Pvt at their Whitefield office premises in 2015. We kept the children engaged and entertained with a Magic show, a craft activity and games.
  • Conducted parenting workshops for TCS employees in their Whitefield offices.