Child-trainer and child-caretaker ratio is maintained to ensure
  every child gets individual attention (10:1, 3:1).
Special care has been taken to child proof the entire premises.
Child’s activities and diet recorded in a diary and sent back with
  the child daily.
No restrictions on parents visiting the child at any time of the day.
Application of Early Learning methodology through books of Time-
  Life Inc.
All activities are designed for fun learning.
Art and crafts activities conducted to develop child’s motor skills
  and finger dexterity.
Specific time dedicated to supervised outdoor activities and games.
Infant massage and bath facility available at an extra cost.
Parents/guardians can stay with the child for the first 2 days to
  settledown the child.
Usage of audio visuals to deliver pre-school concepts.
First aid is available on the premises.
Tie-up with a local clinic for emergencies.
Individual cots and beddings provided, which are washed and
  sterilized regularly.
Corporate tie-up with TCS and HP-ISO.
Ergonomically designed toys used in the premises.
Assistance provided to school going children
  to complete school homework.
Flexible monthly and daily plans available.
Registration can be done after trial period of
  couple of days.
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